Multimodel Links

These are three things that represents me as a future English teacher, a reader and a writer.


As a future English Teacher: Katy Perry- Fireworks

I chose this song because the song is very inspirational. The song represents what I hope to inspire in my future students. The song is meant to be uplifting, at the beginning of the song talks about not having a voice or being seen. Many high school students feel that they are not seen or that their opinion does not matter, however, in a English class they can find their voice. As an English teacher, I will help my students find their voice and explore who they are as a student through writing.


As a Reader:

As a reader, I am always reading and doing research on topics that I find interesting. As a future teacher of reading, I love to read, but the challenge is to help my future students to want to read. Students feel assigned readings are boring, and a waste of time, it is my job to change that. If teachers set up the reading assignment as to spark interest in their students by relating them. I will read anything no matter the topic or genre. I like to pick books by the title, I also read books by authors that are recommended to me.