Hello, my name is Tiffany Morrow. I am from Chapel Hill, NC . I am currently a senior at UNC-G with a major in English with HS licensure and a minor in History. I chose to major in English because it was my favorite subject. The reason why I chose to teach high school English is because I really enjoy literature for all periods, hence why I majored in English. I also enjoyed English class in high school, I believe that the English class unlike other classes in high school is the one class where students are free to express their opinions and question. Unlike other classes that students take in high schools where the material is factual, literature is always evolving, and there is not one single interpretation of a text, the English classroom is truly a classroom where the teacher and students learn from each other. I chose high school because of the age level. High school students are I hope to be the teacher who challenges students intellectually, and challenges them to ask the question “why?”. I want to be the teacher who when students want to come to class, and actually want learn.